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Training with associates

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CBT are currently developing partnerships with a number of associates, to deliver bespoke training suited to your organisation needs.

We are currently working with Evoke Leadership, offering full day and half day courses in Leadership.

Full Day Course:

New to management? Want to run your team more effectively?

We offer a fantastic full day course which will give you the skills you need.

A good Manager - building on your experience, we can help with a friendly full day course which really enables you to improve your team building and leadership skills.

A Experienced Manager - helping you move your career to the next level, this full day course will ensure that you are fully prepared to lead your next team.

Half Day Courses:

Successful Leadership on the Workplace - Explore the differences between Managers and Leaders, whilst identifying good and bad leadership styles.

Creating a Common Goal - exploring how and why you need to give your team a clear focus.

Team Working - recognising the potential benefits of effective collaborative and engaged teams at work.

Motivation - establish a clear understanding of how body language and the way you speak are crucial to creating a positive motivational outcome.

Sharing Success - how to share success and recognize your team in meaningful ways.

Succession Planning - Provide a framework that enables a robust succession plan for any business.

Workplace Culture - to be proud of "how we do things here" in a place that everyone wants to be part of.

Colleague Engagement - how to get everyone to buy in by selling your vision and letting them get on with it.

Collaborative Leadership - no longer just about you, its the group deciding the future direction and objectives.

Shaping High Performing Teams - Maximising the potential of the team you have enabling continual improvement.

Empowering Self-Belief - giving the authority to learn from mistakes and reinforcing the achievements.

More information can be found on this presentation.

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