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Scottish Vocational Qualifications

SVQs were introduced in 1987 and became recognised as the “Alternative Academic Qualification” in 1997. CBT works with candidates to achieve their SVQs in their workplace, proving their competence consistently over a period of time. There is no age limit on achieving an SVQ, anyone in employment can register for this.

Vocational Qualifications are job role specific and are based on nationally recognised workplace standards which enable identification of practical requirements for improving individual skills. Assessments are carried out and competency proven by various methods. Each candidate builds a portfolio of evidence which proves their competence and explains the tasks carried out within their job role.

Vocational qualifications are for individuals of all as. They can also be a route into further education or can be gained to enhance existing skills and qualifications. Employers place a high value on the on-the-job experience gained through vocational training which prove good working practice. Individuals will become more effective in your job role and vocational training will help you develop skills and improve your work performance. Training can be personalised to ensure it meets your requirements, and that you work at a pace that suits you

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ)

  • Management – Level 3

  • Management – Level 4

  • Management – Level 5

  • Care Services Leadership and Management – Level 4

  • Social Services & Healthcare – Level 2

  • Social Services & Healthcare – Level 3

  • Social Services & Healthcare – Level 4

  • Social Services Children & Young People – Level 2

  • Social Services Children & Young People – Level 3

  • Social Services Children & Young People – Level 4

  • Business and Administration – Level 2

  • Business and Administration – Level 3

  • Business and Administration – Level 4

  • Assessor & Verifier Awards

  • Learning & Development - Level 3

  • Learning & Development - Level 4

Professional Development Awards:

  • PDA Level 7 Health & Social Care Supervision

VQ Related Training:

  • Core Skills – All Levels

  • Career Skills for Technical Apprenticeships SCQF Level 7 & above





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